Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

May 28, 2012 - I woke up early so I could meet Christy at 6:30am at Earlywine park for a quick workout. After not working out all weekend, besides doing a little Zumba on Friday night...I was struggling! First focus was on lower body and we did supersets. I did squat jumps, weighted squats, deadlifts, lunges with the box and walking lunges. Then we did biceps, triceps and chest. We finished up with abs. I was sad that my strained muscle in my right shoulder area was giving me problems today because I was excited about the new ab workout on the stability ball. Luckily Christy is great at modifying moves for me so we moved to the ground to work my obliques (love handles). I ended up running more than I have been. I was feeling really good when I left. My arms were shaking while I drove home. I spent the rest of my day playing/working with my husband and son. It was a beautiful day so we finished working in the flower bed, grilled out kabobs for dinner and took a family walk around our neighborhood. It was a great day. By bed time my legs were starting to get sore. Hope I can walk in the morning... =)

Weekend Update...

Friday, May 25, 2012 - What a busy and LOOONG day! After spending the day with in-laws and a busy toddler it was time for me to pack my bags and head to church. We had our annual end of school lock-in for 1st through 6th grade. If any of you are familiar with church functions you know that there is never a short on food, and usually it's junk food. So I planned ahead and ate before I went and also packed some veggies and dips, nuts, banana, granola and fiber bar.
The kids evening was filled with races, Zumba, scavenger hunt and bible trivia kickball. We also had smoothies which Christy ended up helping with. Both of us were happy to see the kids come up for seconds on a healthy snack! After smoothies the girls headed off for spa time while the boys played organized sports. The plan was to play board games next but everyone was wiped out and asking to get ready for bed and watch a movie. I ended up falling asleep around 3am and woke up several times during the night before getting up at 6am to help start breakfast.

Saturday - I finally got home around 10am and then it was time to shower and get ready for a birthday party at the park that started at 11am. After playing and visiting for 2 hours we headed back home so Cameron could take a nap. Well Cam feel asleep on the way home but woke up as soon as I tried to lay him down. I still had to bake two desserts for a family get together later that evening. I ended up making brownies and a cherry/apple crisp. Neither one of these are a healthy choice but it's what I had to work with. I was a little nervous going to a family cookout because I usually leave stuffed and miserable. Not this time! I had water instead of soda and I ate a bunless burger with veggies and passed on the chips. I did enjoyed a small bite of the cherry/apple crisp to satisfy my never ending sweet tooth. We had a great time and can't wait to hang out again. We got home around 8pm, I think and after putting Cameron to bed I crashed. I can't believe I made it through the entire busy day with only 3 hours of sleep!

Sunday - I was still not completely rested but felt better after getting about 9 hours of sleep. After church we stopped by and picked up fast food. I had been so busy I forgot to plan ahead and I was craving burger and fries. I used to eat this at least once a week. I had not had fries or a "real" burger in almost a month. After eating most the burger and a small amount of fries I realized that I did NOT enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I was glad I gave into this craving because now I realize that I don't have to give into all my cravings.

Ready for the Weekend!

It's been another busy week. On Tuesday I was running around getting the house clean and ready for the in-laws visit. Then on Wednesday we attended a funeral.  My father-in-law's sister passed after battling cancer for several years. It was a wonderful service for a great woman with a beautiful soul. It was great to see family that we haven't seen in a long time and it was also encouraging to find out that some of them are reading my blogs and cheering me on! Thanks ladies! After the funeral the church served the family lunch. We had BBQ...MMMM! I love BBQ but since I'm trying to eat healthier I had to be careful. I ended up eating about 3 ounces of brisket, two small spoonfuls of baked beans, about a 1/4 cup green beans, a slice of white bread (the sauce was spicy and it helped cool down my mouth). I also had a small, delicious serving of peach cobbler, it's my favorite and I couldn't pass it up.
Before we left that morning I started dinner in the crock pot...chicken, onion and bell peppers. When we walked in the door the aroma of pepper and onion filled the air. It smelled sooo good. I took the chicken out and put it in the mixer to shred it and it turned to dust instead. Yep, I overcooked the chicken and it was DRY! So needless to say, homemade chicken tacos was a bust =(. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant instead. I ended up having 5 chips with salsa while I waited for my chicken taco salad to arrive. This is a big difference in how I use to eat out. I would mindlessly eat chips, cheese dip, flour tortillas before eating two chicken enchiladas and some rice. I have to say I wanted to dive into all that yummy food but it felt great to only eat what I needed! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012 - I met Christy at Earlywine Park at 9am to workout. I started by running about a quarter of a mile before starting. Christy and I noticed that I'm getting faster! First circuit focused on biceps, triceps and shoulders. She had me do supersets, which is working the same muscles group in different ways without resting in between. After a quick jog around to get heart rate up, it was time to focus on core. We did some fun moves on the Pilates ball. She had me plank, push-up and do superman while I alternated lifting one leg and the opposite arm. OUCH! I felt great after my workout! I also enjoyed working out in the morning and since Cameron never takes naps, I think we will be enjoying early workouts more often.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Funday

So after my long/busy Sunday I was ready to relax...but that will have to come later.  I had to take my car to the shop to fix the damage done from a little fender bender I had about a week ago, then I had to pick up a rental car. Today was also Toddler Time with the church group so we went and played at Jump Zone for about an hour. Cameron did not want to leave but I had to get home, feed him (and myself) lunch and try to get him to lay down for a nap before Christy came over at 12:30 to workout. I didn't quite have time to get him asleep so I put on a movie and told him to lay down and rest.  Like most 2 year old's he did not take a nap but I was surprised to see that he entertained himself for an hour while I worked out.  I checked on him a few times throughout our workout and every time I came in he had less clothes on, LOL, but thankfully he kept his diaper on.

I was really not looking forward to this workout. Still exhausted for the day before I was not sure I had anything left to give. I should have known that Christy would help push me just enough to get the last bit of energy out.  The first circuit focused on chest and back. I used free weights and the band. This time we worked out in my garage because of rain. So to get cardio in I did jump ups and step overs on the step (I'm not sure if those are the actual names). We also did side steps around my neighborhood as well as ran up and down the street 3 times. Christy said I ended up running about 3/4 of a mile! After upper body I worked out my glutes using the bands and yoga mat. I also did some dead-lifts and squats. I finished my workout with a few ab moves.  I felt worn out but energized! I finally got my son to take a nap and usually I would join him but today I decided to work on my blog. While typing this my arms are still shaky and earlier I had a hard time getting off the floor. I look forward to the days where I don't struggle as much but I'm so thankful that I have Christy right now to help me get over the brutal, getting started hill.

Weekend Fun

I'm not supposed to weigh myself until June but I am feeling skinnier. I've read stories of people who say once they started working out they feel like they have more energy... Well I'm not one of those people. After about a week of working out I feel about the same but I have noticed that my house is cleaner and I don't sit around as much as I use too. So maybe I do have more energy but I'm too busy using it to realize that I have it, HAHA.

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 My husband and I took our 2 year old to the park to play for an hour then we put him in the stroller and went for a jog about the track. We went to South Lakes Park on the south side of Oklahoma City. The website says the track is 1-1/4 mile but we took a trail that went around a pond so I'm not sure how far we actually went.  We jogged/walked around in about 19 minutes. Now I have to say it was a very windy day and our stroller made a "kite" when the wind picked up so I was doing some resistance running at times.  My husband and I took turns pushing the stroller. We felt great after exercising!

Sunday was a very busy day! I work at our church as the Assistant Children's Director and my husband plays guitar with the worship group so we get to church at 7:30am and usually don't leave until 12:30pm. I have to set up tables and chairs for one of the classrooms so I got in a little workout that morning. =) I do attend the early service so after sitting up the classrooms I get to relax and focus on God! After service I'm usually on top of the world and ready for the day.  From 9:30 to 12:30 I'm usually walking or standing. After church we use to stop by a fast food restaurant on the way home to pick up lunch but now that we are trying to take better care of ourselves. I made sure there were plenty of quick healthy fixes at home for lunch.  I ended up have a turkey lettuce wrap and  a banana.  I had to eat, change and head out the door. My friend/boss talked me into doing the Red Mud Run, since one of her teammates had to drop out at the last minute. For those who don't know...the Red Mud Run is an 5k obstacle course. We went through shallow ponds, climbed a huge mud pile, climbed over several walls/wooden ladders/rope ladders, oh and I tried to run but mostly walked on mud, grass and gravel trials. I made the HUGE mistake of wearing capri pants and a long sleeve shirt because it was cold and rainy. When we finished my capris were touching my shoes, I swore they weighed 5 pounds but my husband weighed them and it was only 2 pounds. Still the next time I do it, and I plan on doing it again, I will NOT be wearing capris! Biker shorts and a t-shirt only!  So we finished the race and I picked up pizza and headed home. After taking a quick shower and eating a little too much pizza, it was time to run out the door again. We had to go back to the church for my disciples graduation. YEA!! We got home around 7:30-8pm and I was ready for be but there was still work to be done around the house. After we finished cleaning up and putting Cameron to bed I went straight to bed. I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 9:30 and I slept like a baby.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

Friday, May 18, 2012 - So I ended up going to be early last night because I couldn't shake the funky mood I was in. I woke up this morning feeling much better. I had some fruit and nut granola for breakfast and then I cleaned house for about an hour before Cameron woke up. Anyone who has toddlers in the house knows how exciting this can be. I took a break from cleaning to play trains and make Cameron breakfast. While making breakfast I realized we were running low of food options so I decided to make a list and head to the grocery store.
When we got home from the grocery story we had lunch. I had a turkey lettuce wrap with cheese and mustard. I have been trying to cut back on my bread intake. I love, love, LOVE bread and I thought it would be hard but I really like lettuce wraps. They have a crunch to them that is refreshing. I also had two small celery sticks with roasted red pepper hummus (another new favorite).
After lunch I put Cam down for a nap and since my muscles have been tight from working out I decided to try a yoga DVD. It took me about 15 minutes of trying to keep up with instructor before I determined I'm still not a fan of yoga so I switched to a stretching workout DVD. I got more of a workout than I thought I would get, which I liked. It had a few yoga moves that I suffered through and when I finished the 45 minute workout I felt relaxed and calm. I happen to have a small collection of workout DVDs but if you don't have any or not a fan of your selection,  I suggest going to your local library and checking out what they have.
For a snack I had some fresh blueberries and strawberries with a dab of plain Greek yogurt. Cameron  and I played until daddy got home. Friday nights are usually are go out to eat nights but we decided to stay in and have leftovers. So I had a small BBQ brisket sandwich with some orange bell pepper slices instead of chips. After dinner we headed out side to do some yard work and play until bedtime.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eating My Emotions

Thursday, May 17, 2012  - So today was a emotional day and I'm sad to say that my eating reflected it.  I started off good by having a banana and some granola for breakfast. I also passed up free fast food to eat some homemade lettuce wraps (lettuce, shredded seasoned chicken breast with roasted red pepper hummus) yummy! Then the emotions took over and I ended up having a bowl of mixed berries with cool whip and chocolate chips (I tired to be healthy by adding fruit). For dinner I had a brisket sandwich and some Cheetos. Next time, instead of eating my emotions,  I think I will pack up Cam and go for a run or we will just take a few laps around the back yard. I'm sure that would have actually made me feel better. The food just helped me give into my sadness. Tomorrow's a new day...I think I will start it off with a workout. I'll let you know how it goes. =)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living Up to the Name...

Killing it with Kilgore is NO JOKE!! On Monday, May 14, 2012 we met up at Earlywine Park. After a quick warm-up it was time for me to run a timed mile.  I was not looking forward to this and could not wait for it to be over.  I'm not a runner, have never been a runner, but would someday like to enjoy it more.  However, today was not that day! Christy ran with me which helped because I didn't want to slow her down.  I had to push myself to keep going and before I knew it we had made it to the half mile mark, WOOHOO! After a quick walk to catch my breath we were jogging again. Once I saw the finish line I gave it my all, which wasn't much considering I couldn't feel my legs. LOL! I finished in a little over10 minutes, YES! I was ready to call it a day but no such luck. It was time for circuit training.  I was actually excited after I caught my breath. She had me do a lot on the pilates ball (one that I've had from looong ago). I didn't realize how much I missed that ball. Today's focus was on the chest, abs, back and glutes. I love workouts where you can work more than one body part at a time and not really know it. With the pilates ball you have to engage several muscle groups to keep your balance. If you don't have one I suggest getting one. A bonus is that kids love them too!

On Tuesday I had to work and since Mothers Day Out is over I had my trusty sidekick, Cameron, with me. I didn't workout  but I did sit on the pilates ball while watching a little TV and worked out my abs a little. We also went on our evening walk but I didn't get much out of that because Cam wanted to "ride" his trike and since he doesn't know how to pedal, we go pretty slow. Good news is...I've lost 5 pounds!!

That brings us to Wednesday, May 16, 2012.  I woke up not feeling very well, and there was a little voice in the back of my head saying "just call and reschedule" but I knew I would feel better if I worked out so I just sucked it up.  Christy came to my house during Cam's nap time. Of course he ended up waking up as soon as she got here so that didn't really work.  I started off with a quick jog down the street and back to get warmed up.  Then we started the "Tank Top Workout". I now know why I don't like to wear tank tops... At one point I seriously thought about just moving somewhere that's always cold because I don't like to workout my shoulders!  We used bands today and did some resistance training.  I did shoulder press, triceps kick backs, and push-ups. I also did some abs move on the pilates ball again. Oh, and she threw in some more walking lunges and a funny, sumo walking move.  My son thought we were acting like tigers. =) We finished the three circuits early so we stared back at the top and went through most of it again.  Did I mention that it was HOT today!?! I took lot's of water breaks and some shade breaks too.  Since my son did not nap he was outside with us for most of the time (when he wasn't running in and out of the house bringing all his trains outside). He did try to do the lunges and stretchering with us.  I like that I'm learning to workout with him around because I used him as my excuse for that past 2 years, I can't remember what excuses I used before him... But now that I know I'm teaching him how to take care of his body by taking care of mine, there are no excuses to make!  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 1

Monday, May 7, 2012 - AND THE WINNER IS.... I found out I won the Killing it With Kilgore contest...3 months free personal trainer service from Christy Kilgore.  After the shock & excitement of winning wore off, a nervous feeling come over me. What have I gotten myself into? Could I seriously do this? Would I be able to continue blogging about our journey together?  Could I hire a ghost writer to help with my blogs? LOL.

Tuesday, May 8th - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!  Christy and I met at a local cafe and talked about our expectations and I filled out some necessary paperwork.  She gave me some homework...motivation board, food journal, and the dreaded before pics and measurements. When I left I was feeling confident and excited.

Thursday, May 10th - THE FIRST WORKOUT! So my week was really busy but we found an hour to get in a good workout.  We decided that she would come to my house during my sons (Cameron or Cam for short) nap time and we would enjoy the beautiful weather by doing an outside workout.  Christy came to my house (on time) and did a quick set up of equipment in my backyard.  Then we were off for a quick jog down my street to get warmed up. I was a little nervous/embarrassed to be jogging down the middle of the street but then a neighbor cheered me on and I couldn't help but smile.  She had it set up to do circuits which included step ups, push-ups, walking lunges, triceps dips, abs and a quick 2 laps around the yard every so often to keep my heart rate up.  She explained each move and what muscle to focus on, which helped get the most of my workout. She also helped me with ways to focus on form. Christy was very good to modify moves for me and let me take water breaks or rest when I felt the need.  She was also very understanding when my son woke up from his nap and joined us. I felt bad because I had to run inside a few time to take care of his needs but she didn't mind and got me back on track. Towards the end of our session Cameron brought out his step stool so he could workout with me. This made me smile!  He just might became my little workout buddy.  Now this workout was not easy but I enjoyed it and I look forward to our next session.

Sunday, May 13th - STILL SORE. I woke up Friday and was pretty sore but had a full day ahead of me so there was no time to think about it my aching muscles.  I had a doctors appointment and blood work done in the morning, lunch with a friend that afternoon then it was back home to clean house and pack for a quick trip to see my parents.  I didn't get a workout in but I was careful not to eat too bad.  I also had a head cold creeping up on me with a lovely ear ache that wouldn't go away.  After a good nights sleep I woke up Saturday barely able to move and to top it off I had a full blown head cold.  The pain in my ear was almost unbearable.  We had a pretty busy day planed but I wanted to get in a quick workout before it got crazy.  My parents live in the country and have a pretty long drive way so I decided I would jog the length of it a few times. As I headed out the door Cameron insisted that he join me and he kept up with me until he discovered some water puddles that he had to jump in. After I got my heart rate up I found a step to do step ups on and set my timer for 1 minute and started stepping. I kept stepping and stepping wondering when the glorious sound of the timer was going to go off. Then I looked down to see that I had set the timer for 1 HOUR instead of 1 minute.  So I ended up stepping for almost 2 minutes, HAHA. Before I could try to figure out my next move my son had decided he needed to go on a John Deere Gator ride RIGHT NOW! So we loaded up and had a little family fun riding though the fields and even stopped to pick some flowers.  When we got back I did a few jumping jacks and push ups before getting ready to visit with family and friends.  After lunch my husband and I headed back home for a date night while Cameron stayed with my parents.  We went out to eat and then enjoyed walking around the Myriad Garden and rediscovered downtown Oklahoma City. We also found a Children's Garden/play area that we can't wait to take Cam to. I'm so glad that we are become more active and can't wait to discover more things that we have been passing by.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Killing it With Kilgore...

I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm a 34 year old (as of today 5/4/12) wife/stay at home mom and I also work part time at St. Andrew's UMC as the Children's Ministry Assistant. 
I have never lost a significant amount of weight I have only gradually gained over the years.  6 years ago I weighed about 140 pounds but due to horrible eating habits and lack of activity I now weigh 180 pounds.  I figured being a stay at home mom it would be easy to eat healthy and workout but I have yet to find the motivation and drive that is needed to succeed. My son is 2 years old and VERY active.  We go on nightly walks after playing all day. I sometimes have to "push" myself out the door because I don't want my laziness to become his bad habit.  My husband and I both are starting to see the effects that bad eating habits and lack of exercise are making on our quality of life.  We want to be the family that enjoys outdoor activities on the weekends.  I dream of the day that we spend our Saturdays taking bike rides, hikes, or nature walks instead of complaining that we are too tired to do anything.  I'm ready to stop making excuses and start working hard to live the life I have been dreaming of.  With summer time approaching...actually the weather is already here! I don't want to spend another day wearing jeans and a 3/4 length shirt, when it's 100 degrees outside,  trying to cover up what I have done to my body. I need your help to get me into some shorts and tank tops.  I have the potential and drive... I just need your guidance to make it happen.  I'm not only doing this for me, I'm doing it for my family. I want to be a good influence for those I love.  I would love to tell everyone that Killing it With Kilgore changed my life and made me look fabulous!  I'm the best candidate because I'm a giver... I will give my all to help you start your career as a personal trainer.  I value people more than anything and I enjoy helping others, so knowing that I am representing you will give me more motivation to succeed.  I'm not afraid of working out until I get sick but what I am afraid of is getting sick because I didn't workout hard enough.  I am willing to blog and post my progress.  This is a big deal because I am not a writer and almost didn't submit my entry.  BUT I'm tired of making excuses!!!!!