Friday, June 29, 2012

Lake Time

Last weekend (June 22-24) was our annual family camp out at Lake Eufaula . We had a blast! I struggled with my diet, which is usual for me on weekends. When my family camps it is 3 to 4 families, each with camping trailers and maybe a few tents. The individual families fix there own breakfast and lunch and then we all get together for at dinner.
I woke up around 5:30am on Saturday and ate some fruit and drank water before my workout.  I created a workout that only needed my 8 pound medicine ball and one elastic band.
                                                            My morning workout view
I ran about a quarter of a mile to warm up.
 I did 12 reps of the following
- Squat jump-up on curb
- Pile squat picking up medicine ball
- Dead lifts with medicine ball
- Calf raises on curb with medicine ball
- Walking lunges with kick back
- Walking lunges with knee high
I did side steps and crossovers to get heart rate up
 I did 10 reps of the following
- Shoulder press with band
- Shoulder lateral raises with band
- Shoulder front raises with band
- Triceps kick backs with band
- Push-up on the ground
 I did 15 reps of the following
- Russian Twist with medicine ball
- Crazy Ivan
I ran about half mile to finish my workout.

I had originally planned on doing each set 3 times but since I decided to go tubing I figure I could put my muscles in motion and get a workout that way instead. 

I felt great after my workout and the rest of the family was waking up and making breakfast by the time I finished. For breakfast I had a biscuit with gravy and a half a piece of bacon. Then we went for a boat ride and I tubed for the first time in years. My dad has a pontoon boat so we don't go very fast but the water was choppy so I still got a good workout in. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti with meat sauce. I ate way too much especially since it was hot and I was being active. After waiting a LONG time for my food to settle we went for another ride on the tub and before we knew it, it was dinner time. Saturday night we had a fish fry for dinner. I had about 4 pieces of fish, some coleslaw, a hush-puppy, and a few fries. It was hot so I drank lots of water that day. Now, we were at the lake so I did have a few beers and I made the bad choice of indulging in a few sodas. And of course what is camping if you don't have a s'mores??? So even with my workout I still felt bad when I got home after having all the food and drinks that I have cut out of my diet lately. 

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