Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting Back On Track

Why is it always harder to stay on track during the weekend? This past weekend was my own fault...or maybe I can blame whoever came up with silly "holidays" like Father's Day! So I wanted to do something nice for my hubby and that included making some brownies.  I really thought I could eat only one and walk away. WRONG!! I couldn't walk away. I ate one, then two and then I would walk away only to find myself heading back towards the pan later. My belly was hurting but I still wanted more.  Luckily my husband finally finished the small pan of brownies with a little help from our son. I'm still trying to figure out why, if it makes my tummy hurt, I would keep wanting more? That is something I may never understand. Sooo, don't come to my house anytime soon looking for brownies because I think it will be awhile before I make another batch. ;-)
I also had fast food cheeseburger and fries on Sunday after church. I have got to get better at planning Sunday lunch meals!I did pretty good on Saturday, we ended up eating dinner out because a quick trip to the store turned into going to the mall. I had a grilled chicken breast lettuce wrap, it came with some fruit that was in juice so I only had a few bites. Earlier that day I helped mow the yard so I felt pretty good until I got home to the brownies...

Christy came to my house around 8:30am to workout. She focused on upper body and man was I hurting when she left. She had me move quick between each set trying to keep my heart rate up. By the last circuit I was fatigued but felt great. Now, trying to wash and fix my hair afterwards was a little challenging. LOL! I was at the church shortly after our workout to help with VBS decorations. Since I got a little off my healthy eating during the weekend, I decided to take my lunch with me. We usually have a big spread of yummy but not so healthy food. Monday was something they call walking taco's. I had them for the first time last year and they are good but I opted for my turkey wrap and grapes instead. I was a little embarrassed for bringing my own food but they all know what I'm doing so I didn't mind too much. A lot of them commented on how good and healthy my wrap looked so that helped me enjoy it more.

Christy had sent me a workout to do on my own on Wednesday. I was planning on doing the workout in the morning before Cam's friend came over to play but Cam woke up with a bad headache and all plans had to change. I had to cancel the play date and I figured my workout would have to take a backseat as well. I sat on the couch with him until he was feeling better. Three to four hours later he was playing around a little but every time he would try to run he would cry and hold his head. I had sent Chad, my husband, a text to see if he would like me to wait on him to workout and he did so I waited until 5pm to workout. It was a quick workout focusing on core. Chad and I did a great job and had it knocked out in no time! Then it was time to fix dinner and relax.

Since Christy and I both have plans this weekend we moved Fat Blasting Friday to Thursday. I took a quick run up and down my street to get warmed up. I have to say, I felt great after my run and Christy was impressed with my time.
Focusing on lower body Christy gave me a few new moves to try. I'm always excited to try new things! Everything was going good until I did burpee's. See I have a "non-diagnosed heart condition" that causes my heart rate to be extremely high when doing any activity. Christy has noticed that when I put my hands over my head this condition worsens. I have noticed in my everyday life that if I get up too fast or bend over and get back up to quick I feel like I'm going to pass out. I believe this is due to low blood pressure. So with me having a high pulse rate and low blood pressure, we have determined that I can no longer do burpee's.
For those who don't know what a burpee is I'll try to explain in. You start by jumping up while you extend your arms overhead, after landing you put your hands on the ground and kick back your feet so you end up in the plank position, hold and then bring your feet to starting position (with a hop) and jump up repeating the move again.
I was having a hard time recovering from the second set so Christy had me take it slow and cut out burpee's. We had finished the first circuit and started circuit number two.  While I was doing the calf raises I keep loosing my balance, as Christy and I were talking about it I started to feel different. She said that my eyes looked like they were glazing over and my red cheeks turned white so she told me to go inside to get out of the heat. I felt like I was going to get sick but shortly after going inside I started feeling normal again. She decided that we would call it a day. She checked up on my later to see if I was doing better. I felt fine after I had lunch and drank some water. This is the first time I didn't get to complete a workout. Christy was excellent through the whole ordeal. I thought she asked great questions that helped me try to figure out what may have caused this to happen. I was ready to go back and try to finish the workout but Christy didn't want me to over due it and something happen after she left. She really is a great trainer!!

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