Sunday, July 1, 2012

When Hunger Calls... WARNING: food pictures may cause cravings!

Since I have been eating healthier, I have really enjoyed coming up with new foods to eat. I have made some homemade pizzas that are awesome! From meatball and veggies to my own spin on my favorite - Hawaiian.  I used Boboli pizza crust, Prego veggie-smart pizza sauce and added, turkey lunch meat, pineapple chunks, onion slices and topped it off with mozzarella cheese. DELICIOUS!!

I have also made a yummy turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat mini bagel. I started by spreading some cream cheese on the bagel and then simply added turkey and lettuce. I thought it look a little like a burger so I took a picture of it... It was very satisfying!
                                                         Simple Turkey Bagel Sandwich

One day I was craving a restaurant style salad but didn't want to go out so I checked to see what was in the fridge. I had spring salad mix, turkey lunch meat, blueberries, strawberries, and feta cheese. I put a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it and wallah! This was so good that I had it twice last week.
Turkey & Berry Salad

Dinner's at our house are a little tricky. At first I tried to eat what "my boys" wanted but smaller portions. That was not working so I tried having them eat what I wanted to eat and they didn't like that, so... I am now a short order cook =) I will fix steak for Chad, popcorn chicken for Cam and I will have baked Tilapia. If I fix different meat we have the same side, like a salad or sweet potatoes. Sometime we will have the same meat, say chicken, but I will make different sides or add veggies to my plate. I know a lot of people are totally against doing this but it works for my family.
Baked Tilapia with a Garden Salad

One thing Christy has taught me is to surround myself with healthy things/people. In order for me to continue my healthy eating habits I have started to read nutrition books and health magazines. My local library has a good selection of both so I check them out there instead of buying them. I can always make copies if I find something worth keeping.  I have also been watching the Olympic trials and seeing all those amazing athletes has helped me to stay motivated to continue with my journey to a healthy lifestyle. 

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