Monday, July 23, 2012

Always Be Prepared

As I stated in my last blog...I have been busy the last few weeks getting ready for VBS at my church. Well last week was the big week and it wore me out! I only got in one workout during the last week but I did get a lot of exercise by running around the church, climbing ladders & moving tables.

Chad went out of town last week and I thought it would be easier to eat healthy while he was gone but I didn't make time to prepare a menu or go to the grocery store so I ended up eating out more than I wanted. I did have a friend that brought over dinner one night; spinach salad with steak and fresh blueberries with slice peaches for dessert. It was very yummy! I went to another friends house one night to work on a craft project and we ordered pizza and salad. I have to admit that I have been drinking a lot of soda the past week and half.  Over all it was not a good week as far as health and fitness goes.

Now that Chad's home and VBS is over I will try to be better prepared and focus on my health again.

On Sunday, July 22nd, I woke up at 5am so I could workout before going to church. I only had time to do half a workout since I needed to be at church early.  I also stayed after church to help take down some decorations so I was back to climbing ladders and carrying heavy stuff.

Today when I got up I started in on all the house work that had been neglected during my crazy, busy week. I also wanted to make sure that I drank plenty of water and NO SODA! So I made a pitcher of lemon water. I also made a menu and already went grocery shopping.

I planned on getting up early and run but after a horrible nights of sleep I made the bad choice of sleeping in instead of working out.  I've been doing a few moves here and there while I'm playing with Cameron and doing housework.

I'm sad that my time with Killing it with Killgore is almost over. I'm hoping I can lose a few more pounds in the next few weeks and maintain the weight loss after my time with Christy is done.

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